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We create tangible business value with you in areas where we have deep Industrial Domain Expertise

Planning & Forecasting

Higher accuracy in Plannung & Forecasting leads to reduced inventories, less stock-outs and less waste. We build superior predictive models based on internal and external data sources to support you in the following domains.

  • Early market indicators
  • Customer demand forecasting
  • Sales funnel and conversion
  • Production planning beyond MRP

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Sales & Marketing effectiveness

Advanced analytics allow for better decision making and more granular understanding of performance in sales & marketing. We support you realize top-line business cases in the following domains

  • Customer identification and potential
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Marketing spend optimization

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Product & service excellence

Predictive Maintenance is the number one use case in the machinery & equipment industry these days. We support you in the following domains

  • Pricing optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Product configuration
  • Instrumentation and data driven services

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Supply Chain excellence

The supply chain is a data rich but heterogeneous data environment where advanced analytics, process mining and big data analytics enable significant cost and lead-time reductions. We support you in the following domains

  • Purchasing optimization
  • Logistics optimization
  • Service and aftersales efficiency

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Manufacturing Productivity

Industry 4.0 is a hot topic in manufacturing industries. There are more and more real show-cases. They mostly rely on advanced data analytics. We support you in the following domains

  • Quality control and improvement
  • Manufacturing flow optimization
  • industry 4.0 roadmap development

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Our Advanced Analytics Toolbox is composed of proven open source tools. We integrate our solutions with your on-premise IT and the Cloud.

Small Data Analytics

Around 80% of the advanced analytics use cases fall into the domain of “small data”. In order to realize the potential, agility and speed is key. We support you in fast exploration of business opportunities. We leverage open source implementations and have built our mlinsights toolkit on top of it. Logos: python, R, scikit learn

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Process Mining

Process Mining is an underutilized today. We apply process mining in situations where real world processes show a lot of variation or differ from the “standard” in a complex way. We use Process Mining for Process model discovery, Process performance measurement and optimization as well as Process compliance

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning is the most powerful advanced analytics tool when it comes to computer vision, natural language processing and advanced prediction tasks. It requires a large amount of data and careful training. We rely on open source tools for Deep Learning.

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has applications beyond finance. Most relevant blockchain applications in industrial settings are Smart Contracts and Crypto Notaries today.

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Big Data Analytics

20% of the advanced analytics use cases require actual big data technology. mlinsights uses the opensource toolset from the Apache foundation in those situations. Even in these cirumstances, we recommend starting with a “Small Data Analytics” pilot as a value proof.

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We provide end-to-end support to unlock business value through Advanced Analytics. We tailor the approach to your digital capabilities and needs. For each engagement we define the services you need. We recomment a milestone driven approach to proceed in stages.

Opportunity Identification & Validation

  • Digital Landscaping
  • Potential assessment and prioritization
  • Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Implementation planning

Advanced Analytics Implementation

  • Model building in iterations
  • Model tuning
  • Hardwiring into business operations
  • Integration with on-premise IT (e.g., SAP) and the cloud

Digital Enablement

  • End-user training and Train-the-Trainer
  • Ongoing support
  • Digital Roadmap development
  • Joint business incubation